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Kevin Forneris
Off-road Triathlon Athlete

Working with Kayla provided me with the focus I needed to achieve my goal in 2015, which was qualifying for the 2015 Xterra World Championships (Off-road Triathlon) in Maui. We worked on many aspect of my mental preparation, starting with goal setting, creating a training journal, prerace routine and focus. Kayla’s guidance proved to be a major factor in helping me determine weaknesses in my training and race planning to find efficiencies, while helping me keep motivated and focused during the season. I believe Kayla to be an integral part of my success in meeting my goal, as well as, qualifying for the 2016 International Triathlon Union Cross Triathlon World Championships (also off-road triathlon) in Australia.

Stella Ultimate

“Kayla has been professional, resourceful, and consistent in her ability to re-frame and make mental roadblocks manageable. My discussions with Kayla have pertained to a range of topics including the development of mental focus to excel in elite sport and navigating relationship and career deliberations. As a person, Kayla radiates positivity and inspires clients with her infectious can-do attitude” 

U of O Triathlon Club

Amazing experience meeting Kayla, she is genuine, attentive and very knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable and I was able to get out of my comfort zone and explain my concerns with racing and training. Her sessions, recommendations/strategies, feedback and constant encouragement translated to one of my best races. I've never felt more ready, confident and calm before any race prior to my sessions with Kayla.

Derek Salley
Endurance Athlete Coach, BASE Training Systems

“Kayla is an infectious positive life force and absolutely well suited for her chosen metiér.  She possesses a keen sense of empathy and is able to aptly influence her clients positively.” 

Endurance Athlete Coach, BASE Training Systems

Paramedic & OHS and Compliance Officer 

“I am very pleased with my experience with Kayla. She was able to guide me in a very self-motivating way. She was approachable and caring, which carried through the entire process. I felt like I was in control of where I wanted to go with my health and well-being and never judged. She helped me push myself beyond my mental barriers all while enjoying the process. She made the process fun and challenging”

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