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FAQ about Prime Mindset

Q: What is Mental Performance Consulting (MPC)?

A: Sport and other performance domains call upon many skills to be successful, including physical, technical, tactical and mental skills. By working with a MPC, the client is able to intentionally develop and work on the psychological aspects of their performance context. A Mental Performance Consultant who is a Professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) has also gone through the process of obtaining consulting hours in sport and performance specific contexts, and has met the educational requirements set out by the CSPA.

Q: What is Personal Coaching and how is it different from MPC?

A: Anyone can engage in a personal coaching experience, without limitations of context. The main difference between personal coaching and MPC is that a Personal Coach can explore topics outside of the sport and/or performance domain. Often times, there is a cross over of experiences and learnings can be applied to multiple contexts.

Q: What kinds of topics are covered?

A: Topics are individualized based on what deeply matters to the client. The client usually comes with an area of life or performance they're hoping to work in. We work collaboratively to narrow it down and get clear on it. In the sports world, below are some ideas the CSPA lays out as potential areas to work in:

The CSPA states:

CSPA Professional Members are consultants who work with athletes and coaches to assist them in achieving many of the following objectives:

• reach their performance potential in sport and/or other aspects of life

• regulate arousal, stress, and/or emotions
• improve confidence, motivation, and concentration

• manage time effectively
• mentally plan for training and competitions
• create and maintain positive environments
• improve communication skills
• improve recovery and regeneration
• learn specific performance enhancement techniques (e.g. imagery, goal-setting)
• debrief and evaluate performance or programs

• improve decisions making processes
• rehabilitate from an injury
• make a positive transition from sport 

Q: Who uses this type of service?

A: Anyone and everyone. Athletes at all level of sport, from novice to elite, use mental skills in their performance. This makes them all candidates for mental skills training. Just like training your physical skills, mental skills require intentional practice. 

Mental skills training is also used by performers from other domains, such as the performing arts, military, police, first responders, doctors, pilots, managers, CEOs, etc. If you're looking to enhance your performance in sport, work and in life, then mental skills training is for you. 

Q: Are you a counsellor or psychologist?

A: No, I am a professional Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) through the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA).Unlike Sport Psychologists, we do NOT diagnose or treat mental health issues. An MPCs aim is to enhance performance and well-being through individual and/or group consultation.

Q: What is the training program process?

A: If you're curious about how mental skills training can work for you, an initial free exploration call of 20 minutes is available. After this there will be an intake conversation and a collaborative process to narrow down the topic. Once this is agreed upon, we'll get started with developing skills and capabilities in an incremental way that will support you in realizing the topic. This part of the program will vary from person to person. The final step to the program is a wrap up session to complete the process.

Q: How long are training programs?

A: Training programs will vary in length, which will be determined and agreed upon by both the consultant and client. Typical duration is 6 months, however programs could run longer or shorter depending on the topic and time considerations (I.e. preparing for a specific race or event) the client is working in.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: The dreaded "it depends" applies here. There are several factors to take into consideration such as duration and number of sessions, if travel is required, etc.

Individual consulting fees vary depending on the duration of the program. The base fee includes the intake, individualized programming, virtual support, and the option to extend the training program if desired. Please contact me to discuss a quote. 

Workshop pricing varies depending on number of workshops, duration and I am happy to discuss options based on the team or organization's budget.

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